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Myanmar’s software and related services industry has been welcoming a lot of changes and activities due to the rising demand of e-commerce, fintech, data center and business intelligence solutions. This sector is seeing a lot of prospects and growths along with the growth in foreign investments and economy. Starting with Myanmar’s first domestic online payment network launch in February 2015, several factors have fueled the rise of the E-Commerce industry in the country.
Now, a rising number of people buy online rather than going to the stores. Moreover, four new telecoms will develop the necessary infrastructure and facilities for overall IT implementation. Large amount of youth population is present and they are constantly in search of new and smart technology to use. Along with this, the idea of having online businesses is getting popular. Internet penetration rate was 10% in the year of 2012 - 2013 and it is expected to reach 80% by the end of 2016. If we look at these figures, Myanmar has potentials to be a home ground to many E-commerce ventures. The market for modular data centers is also on the rise since the data centers offer shorter lead times and lower initial costs than building type data centers. The data centers also integrate redundant systems, allowing continued operation in the event of a problem with one unit.

Opportunities and Barriers

Some of the most demanded software services and infrastructures needs which can be prospective for investors are website designing and development, ecommerce web solutions, Web hosting, Enterprise Storage Solutions, Business Continuity Planning Dedicated and Call Center Management Solution. Myanmar SMEs need innovative information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions to enhance their businesses, and large enterprises do for successful in planning, employing and managing their IT infrastructure with a broad range of computer products, network appliances, services and solutions designed to fulfill customer needs.


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